Episode 1: From Frieze, This is LuckyPDF TV

Thursday 13th October 2011 - 4pm

Presented by Paul Pieroni

Featuring Hannah Perry - Dan Szor with Rael Stone - Cory Arcangel - Jimmy Merris (with Boyle and Shaw) - Paul Simon Richards - Martin Kohout - Petra Cortright

Music: Bo Ningen - Titles by Daniel Swan - Set Designed by Ollie Hogan + Hannah Perry - Produced by LuckyPDF for Frieze Foundation

Full credits, links and more available on vimeo.

LuckyPDF are running a Live TV studio at Frieze Art Fair as part of Frieze Projects 2011. We're seeking to work with practitioners who are interested filling the following roles:

Camera Operator
Sound Desk Editor
Lighting Desk Operator
Film Editor
Stage Hands
Lighting Assistants

Applicants should email jobz@luckypdf.com, stating which position they're interested in, and a short explanation of your experience in that field and reasons for wanting to be involved. Feel free to attach CV and links to previous work.
Live From Frieze, this is LuckyPDF TV

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